Don’t be frightened by the title of the article. While the world may feel like its near the end, we’re not that dramatic. We’re talking about our favorite season of the year. Yes, we realize that Summer technically ends on September 23rd (yes, it’s true – Google it) but for all intents and purposes, the unofficial end of summer is Labor Day which means your days of white pants are winding down. Heck, Starbucks is even selling Pumpkin Spiced Lattes this weekend! We love fall but don’t rush it!

So, you spent all summer weekending – planning your escape, packing your life up and taking off Thursday if you’re lucky or joining the masses on Friday via bus and train to enjoy sun and water for 36 hours and then rushing back. It’s exhausting but worth it. We know. Now that you’re at the end, why not take advantage of the long weekend and really enjoy your time. The city is yours to be had and there is plenty going on.

While a staycation over Labor Day may not sound like the sexiest idea to your colleagues and friends, who cares?! It’s relaxing, there are no crowds and you don’t have to pack, sit on a packed train or be in traffic! Convinced? Great! Here are some ideas for your Labor Day Weekend in New York.

On a day to day basis, we don’t think about it, but our town is known for tennis. Yes, really. The U.S. Open, hello! The tournament has already started, and all the stars are in Queens. How about using the long weekend to check out some world class tennis in your backyard?!

Like music? How about electric music? The festival of all festivals for electronic music lovers is happening at Randall’s Island Park – also very close. Marshmello, Mar+in Garrix, Tiësto and more will be in your city with epic performances.

If electronic music is too intense for your liking, how about some art? Maybe a subway downtown to the Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit. The remaining outdoor activities for 2019 are limited so take advantage. This is a chill event that will remind you what the village used to be.

As you can see by our limited list here, there is plenty to do here and you get to home every night and sleep in your bed. Take advantage of your city – especially while the masses are away!