January is a time to start fresh and implement all of the grand ideas and goals that you had made at the end of 2019. In that light, lets continue that path and do something that we’ve been meaning to do for years and never got around to it. The reason may be you didn’t know how or where but did know you missed it. And, for you millennials, its something that you’ve probably never done but heard about. What we are referring to is magic on 4 wheels, also known as roller skating!  Oh, you also heard of disco, right?  Perfect. Let us tell you about something special!

Obviously, what we are talking about is going down in Brooklyn. Where else can the residents appreciate roller skating like the people from Williamsburg?  The event takes place on Saturday’s at Schimanski’s.  This dance and night club is also a live music venue and lounge. If you haven’t heard, dancing is finally making a comeback and Schimanski’s is at the forefront.  

Now, combine all that with roller skating, 1980s disco and mimosas and you have a party! Nothing other than a totally rad, ‘80s-themed roller disco party, of course — and you’re invited. Skip the usual Saturday night stuff and come for a skate! Transport yourself to the ‘80s at this Fever Originals (Brooklyn appropriate) pop-up event, where we’re bringing you 2 hours of live entertainment and special performances by professional roller dancers, a live DJ and brunch items. Will you chill by the bar with a cocktail or join the dancers for a thriller routine? Anything could happen, so get your roller skates on—this is going to be awesome!  Get rollin’ at Schimanski’s 1980s-themed roller disco brunch party. Lace up your skates, which you can rent if you don’t own a pair. You do not need to be a professional.

We can’t wait and you should be counting down the days as well. For more information and tickets, please visit schimanskinyc.com.