This article is not about the movie, V for Vendetta. Although the past year has certainly felt like many scenes from that movie, we are not focusing on the tough times but we are thinking about movies. Instead, we are looking at one of, if not, the last holiday that we celebrated in normal fashion. In fact, we would love to go back to re-do the Hallmark Holiday all over again – prix fixe meal and all! Funny enough, Valentines Day in 2021 represents the first step back to normalcy since the pandemic happened. The restaurants are allowing us to dine indoors and our Governor was kind enough the even allow it a couple days earlier. Starting February 12th, we can stop freezing our asses off and sit inside to enjoy a meal. We can’t wait to celebrate Valentines Day! In fact, we may even do it all weekend to indulge in our favorite activities – eating and drinking!

If you’re not up to sitting inside of a restaurant just yet, do not worry. There are plenty of activities for you and your loved one to enjoy the holiday. Or if there is no loved one just yet, plenty of activities for you and loving yourself! If you’re into eating and drinking, NYC Restaurant Week to Go has been extended til the end of the month. If you don’t remember, NYC Restaurant Week® To Go welcomes a new year with amazing meals at home, from top-tier restaurants to neighborhood favorites, for $20.21. Available for takeout or delivery during lunch or dinner, it’s the warmest way to dine this winter—and give thanks to the restaurants who keep serving through it all. And, we all know they need our support. Inside or outside. Preferably both.

Now that we have your food and drink taken care of, another activity worth considering on love day and approved by cupid is outdoor cinema (yes, in the Winter) in Brooklyn – Syndicated’s Sidewalk Cinema, which is celebrating Valentine’s Day weekend with four different screenings to set the mood.  For more information visit:

You used Netflix and Chill to start the relationship. Now it’s time to up your game! Support your local and enjoy a flick off your couch. Your date won’t forget it. Just like we haven’t forgot about 2020.