We may have missed The Sundance Film Festival but who wants to go to Utah anyway? Okay, we’re quasi-pissed that we didn’t get to go this year. What upsets us more than red carpet events, beautiful people and celebrities is that awesome skiing and snowboarding that we missed out on.

For those of you that never made it out west to ski, you cannot appreciate this. Believe it or not, there is MUCH better skiing than what we have here. However, having said that, it’s time to move on. We are not going out west but we are definitely going North. And by North, we mean beyond Windham and Hunter. Destination = Vermont.

Killington, Vermont to be exact. If you haven’t made it to Killington, then you’re really a sheltered snowbird.

New York Events has teamed up with Eventsy to bring you a weekend of skiing, partying and debauchery. We’re staying at the Pinnacle Condominiums and skiing and partying our faces off!

If you missed the December installment, this version is SURE to be filled with better conditions and more nightlife and fun!

For more information and to book the discounted deal from $280, check out newyorkevents.co/ski/

You can also feel free to direct any and all questions to New York Events @ 646-504-8345 or via e-mail at ski@newyorkevents.co.