It’s sad that even though the Knicks are beyond irrelevant, we still can’t afford a ticket to a game. The price doesn’t look much better in Brooklyn either. Don’t expect things to get better this weekend either. You are correct that the Knicks and Nets do not have any games scheduled but there is the NBA All-Star Game going on!

No, the tickets will not be discounted but there will be a ton of happenings in town. The who’s who will be here so turn on your celeb radar. There will also be a ton of parties going on, so be sure to check out our calendar all week.

This is one of the more recent times that we can even remember calling New York City and Madison Square Garden the ‘Mecca of Basketball’ and be somewhat correct. There will be talent here this weekend (lots!) and there will be competitive basketball and even more true (and sad) is that there will be more a relevant game being played in MSG! If you didn’t catch that, the All-Star Game doesn’t have any implication on the regular season or post-season. We know, sad.

So, as we mentioned, the actual All-Star game is only for the rich and famous so if you do not fit into this category, we have some other ideas for you to explore. And, if you choose to just wander around, enjoying the festivities, we are certain that will be a blast as well.

February 10–16: NBA House at Paramount Theatre (LIU Brooklyn) and Moynihan Station. Fans can participate in basketball skills competitions and meet NBA alumni.
February 13: BBVA Compass Rising Stars Challenge. Top rookie and sophomore players compete.
February 13: The Celebrity Game. You guessed it.
February 14: The practice. Players practice and you pay to watch. What a racket.
February 14: Three-point shootout and Dunk contest. This may be better than the game. Do you think the Suns Gorilla will make an appearance?
February 15: The D-League All-Star Game. Promising prospects from the NBA’s minor league.
February 15: THE ALL-STAR GAME!

Cheers to relevant basketball in New York!