It’s been a while since we’ve talked about food and drink on here and we did promise outdoor drinking suggestions so we wanted to kick off the season with a bang! While we don’t have any rhyme or reason for our timing, weather could be a part of it. We are always on the hunt for the new and the old gems and special places to spend our time and peanuts we make from this gig. In our latest installment, we present Alta Linea. Sounds fancy, yes?

If you’re not Italian or can’t decipher the words, it means High Line and as creative the name may sound, the location is exactly where you would think. At the High Line Hotel! If you paid attention while trying to dodge the masses on the elevated park, the leafy front courtyard of the High Line Hotel is where the action will take place. If you don’t remember, it’s pretty much an elevated oasis and was dying for what we’re about to tell you. Alta Linea will be presenting and serving rustic Italian fare and drinks. Think spritzes and negronis.

The venue is being run by The Epicurean Group (L’Artusi and Anfora) so you know it’s legit. And our favorite part of this entire project and seemingly so appropriate is the gelato cart for scoops and sandwiches. Yes, that means awesome ice cream while you fight the tourists!

While it’s not difficult to find, The High Line Hotel is located at 180 10th Avenue at 20th Street and their website is

This is a very special addition to the already special High Line and we’re super excited.

Cheers to installment number 1 of outdoor drinking suggestions!