The World Cup wasn’t that long ago and back then when soccer was on fire, we talked about the newest addition to the New York sports family, N.Y.C.F.C.

Well, the time is now getting closer. The club has its first official game, a preseason friendly against the Scottish club St. Mirren on Tuesday. The Captain, David Villa, scored and N.Y.C.F.C. started its legacy with a W.

Pretty exciting, huh? We think so too and don’t attribute all of the excitement to the lack of winners we have in this town. Nor do we attribute it to the fact that there are no prospects of hope outside of the Rangers and now N.Y.C.F.C.

So while we’re draped in baby blue preparing our vocal chords to yell GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAALLL in less than a month, you still have time to jump on the bandwagon!

It’s not often your city gets a new team and you get to choose whether or not to be a fan. This is not passed down from your grandfather who used to be a Brooklyn Dodger fan and then became a defacto Mets fan which means a lifetime of suffering for you.

N.Y.C.F.C. looks to be a winner based on their one and only game. Let’s support the newest addition to our family!